Our leadership team currently consists of three elders and their families:  Steven and Cristy Mock, Steve and Katie Diachenko, and Dan and Amy Baker.


Our leadership team currently consists of four elders and their families: Rob and Deb Ham, Steven and Cristy Mock, Steve and Katie Diachenko and Dan and Amy Baker.

Steven Mock

Steven and his wife Cristy have been serving Trinity Baptist Church since 2003. Steven is passionate about preaching God’s Word and helping people grow in their faith. He and Cristy have three teenagers. In his spare time, you’ll find Steven reading, running or roasting coffee.

Stephen Diachenko

Steve and his wife Katie have ministered at Trinity since 2013, and they have five children. Steve has a passion for preaching God’s Word, ministering to youth and evangelism. Katie helps to lead the Ladies’ Bible study and participates in the children’s ministries. Outside of church, Steve enjoys fishing, gardening, and basketball. Over the next several years, Steve and Katie are hoping to partner with Trinity in planting another church in the greater Cairns region.

Dan Baker

Dan and Amy Baker came to Trinity Baptist Church in 2018 along with their three children. While Dan’s education and burden is for Bible college teaching, Dan enjoys serving as an elder at TBC in a variety of ministries. In addition to preaching and teaching in the services, Dan enjoys teaching Bible classes whenever opportunities arise. Since becoming part of the leadership at TBC, Dan has found his heart increasingly drawn to the pastoral side of ministry. When not involved in church-related preparations or activities, Dan can be found reading, exercising, or gardening.